Bernie Sanders, who campaigned against the 'billionaire class', inspires Balenciaga's new collection

As far as fashion influencer goes, Bernie Sanders makes a great politician.

While he's no Julie Bishop, who uses fashion as a form of diplomacy, Sanders and his socialist ways, has become a fashion inspiration.

At Donald Trump's inauguration the Senator stole the show in Washington when he pulled on a non-descript forest green, corduroy parka. The type of garment you might have stolen from your high school boyfriend due to it being big enough to smuggle Lemon Ruskis into, and comfortable enough to then sleep in at backyard parties.

Now the man who campaigned against the "billionaire class" has an entire high-end fashion collection devoted to him thanks to Demna Gvasalia's new collection for Balenciaga - a brand that is favoured by the aforementioned billionaires and one percenters, (i.e. the Kardashians of the world).

Cotton jersey T-shirts from the brand retail for around $250. While you won't get much change out of $2000 for one item of clothing from the womenswear range.

Sander's signature font with three red, white and blue wavy lines underneath the logo was reimagined on the runway at Paris Fashion Week for the fashion house's fall-winter 2017 menswear collection.

Models wearing parkas, puffer vests and T-shirts with the logo stormed the catwalk and the fashion press quickly seized on theme of the collection.

New York Magazine riffed on what the low-key pollie might have thought of the show, with hilarious results.

"Look, I know I use this phrase a lot, but this feels very 'wealthiest one-tenth of one percent' to me," they imagined he might say of the range that also boasts duster coats and snow boots.

"With all due respect to Mr Gvasalia, who I'm sure is a terrific person, we've been wearing this look in Vermont for years."

CNN even took note of the range and quizzed the senator about: "This bizarre sighting at Paris Fashion Week from Balenciaga".

"These are a number of models of the runway in Bernie clothes. Did you ever think you'd become a fashion icon?" high-profile presenter Jake Tapper asked.

"Of my many attributes, being a great dresser or a fashion maven is not one of them," laughed Sanders.

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