Drunk Elephant skincare

Drunk Elephant: the skincare brand that has transformed my skin and is selling out in Sephora

If I had a pound for every time the founder of a new natural brand told me that they had suffered with a terrible skincare concern and there wasn’t a single product on the market that could helped alleviate it so they had to create their own, I’d be a rich woman. While often these brands create perfectly nice products, there are very few that truly stand out from the crowd. Drunk Elephant, a US brand that prides itself on toxic-free formulas, is one of the few.

In fact, after three weeks of using the range almost exclusively, it’s blown every other brand out of the water - and I’ve received several compliments on the state of my skin to corroborate. I’m not the only fan either. Sephora, which now ships to the UK, can’t keep the range in stock. But what makes Drunk Elephant different to all the other start-up beauty brands?

The range consists of 11 products and claims to use clean, non-toxic ingredients rather than natural or organic. “There are six suspicious ingredients: essential oils, fragrance/dyes, silicones, chemical screens, SLS and drying alcohols,” founder Tiffany Masterson tells me. “I call them suspicious because I can’t prove that they are wreaking havoc on the skin, but I believe they are, in fact, at the root of almost every skin drama.”

While there’s nothing new about a brand touting a ‘free-form’ ethos, having incorporated five of the products in my routine and seen results, Masterson is definitely a breath of fresh air in an overly saturated market. The formulas are highly active and every ingredient included is there for good reason. “I don’t love gimmicky and marketing ingredients. They are not good for the skin, so why are they there?” says Masterson. “When brands include them to change the look, smell or feel of a product without regard to skin health, I think it’s very disrespectful to the consumer. It’s even worse when it’s claimed that they are “natural” and have benefits.”

Masterson started to develop the line when she couldn’t find a product that genuinely lived up to its promises regardless of the price, as well as her desire to limit her children's exposure to harmful toxins. “I want to put skin health first and give my client the difference they are looking for. I’m not interested in playing head games with anyone because I’m a consumer myself and I want great ingredients and clear, healthy skin just like everyone else,” says Masterson.

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