Inside Hollywood Reporter's and Jimmy Choo's Power Stylists Dinner with Justin Timberlake, Sarah Paulson, John Legend and More

Sarah Paulson let out a celebratory whoop when she learned that her stylist, Karla Welch, had landed the No. 1 spot on The Hollywood Reporter's annual ranking of Hollywood's 25 Most Powerful Stylists at an exclusive dinner hosted by THR and Jimmy Choo on Tuesday night at the new Italian eatery The Ponte in Los Angeles.

"I got so excited!" Paulson said of seeing Welch's top ranking. "This makes me so happy for her."

Welch was photographed for one of five covers for THR's annual stylists issue along with her clients Ruth Negga and Paulson (four other covers feature No. 21-ranked stylist Law Roach with clients Celine Dion and Zendaya; No. 6-ranked stylist Ilaria Urbinati with Tom Hiddleston; No. 7-ranked stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn with clients Hailee Steinfeld and Lily Collins; and No. 3-ranked stylist Kate Young with client Michelle Williams), but the list itself remained under wraps until the dinner.

"It feels awesome!" Welch exclaimed of her No. 1 spot. "I like that I work with really talented women." The stylist spent the evening chatting with friends and another client, Busy Philipps (who wore a La Perla blazer, Carolina Herrera body suit, Givenchy pants and Adidas sneakers).

Welch said the stylish affair is one she looks forward to as she gets the opportunity to celebrate with her peers, including rising-star stylist "Erica [Cloud], who was my assistant and made the list — I'm so proud of her!"

The star-studded event, which honored the stylists whose work was rolled out on red carpets throughout awards season, brought out such stars as Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Dakota Johnson and Jonah Hill. Timberlake's date for the evening was power stylist Annie Psaltiras. "It's awesome working with Justin," she said of her longtime client. "It's very easy," Timberlake interjected, then quipped: "And, we always show up for free booze." Psaltiras, who picked out Timberlake's Tom Ford suit for the evening, raved, "I'm so happy he's here with me tonight; it really means a lot."

Said stylist Roach, who works with Zendaya and Celine Dion, of his cover debut, "I walked in and it was one of the first magazines on the bar as I passed and I literally gasped!"

Last year's No.1-ranked stylist Kate Young (No. 3) was excited to support both the new and seasoned talents who made the list. "While we were doing hair and makeup to come here, I had Dakota [Johnson]'s Met Ball sketches, and the thing I just love is the beauty of it all. I love clothes and the fanciness of the clothes that I get to work with and the way a sketch from the Met Ball comes all wrapped up — all that beauty — I love it."

Of her peers, Young added, "These people are really talented — I admire what they do, and it's an honor to be included."

Meanwhile, stylist Dave Thomas, who is behind La La Land and top music star John Legend's sleek looks, was thrilled to be a part of the list and the event: "I'm pretty low-key, but I really love doing what I do. I don't go out, but it feels amazing," Legend said of Thomas, with whom he's worked for nearly a decade: "Together we've established who I am when it comes to style and how I present myself — and Dave makes sure we execute it really well."

Said No. 10-ranked stylist Maeve Reilly (in David Koma) of client Hailey Baldwin, who wore a Sally Lapointe crop top and pants: "She hired me the day before the Oscars for a dress she needed the next day, and four days later we got on a plane and went to Paris Fashion Week. I've always had crazy first times with clients like that.... My first time with Janelle Monae she was on vocal rest and we couldn't talk to each other."

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