Lapo Elkann Dreams Big Dreams Like The Rest Of Us

While Lapo Elkann may have been the biggest star at the MIDO Eyewear Exhibition in Milan, Italy, the massive convention also included a slew of new and innovative eyewear brands largely undiscovered by the bulk of American fashion consumers. From futuristic shapes, unparalleled craftsmanship, and just some downright smart design, we selected five of the most innovative eyewear creators we found on the trade show floor.


Unconventional materials are more popular than ever in the dizzying world of eyewear, and Vinylize aces the trend with their specs made from repurposed vinyl records.


Movitra’s eyewear is a triumph of smart design. The Italian-made sunnies have a patented mechanism that allows the frames to rotate. This causes the temples to overlap on both sides of the lenses to protect against scratching and smudges.


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Boston Club Eyewear

Don’t be fooled by the brand name, the retro Boston Club Eyewear, first founded in 1984, now hails from Japan where its been revived using an archive of preppy frames.


These out-of-this-world eye candy come in three signature shapes with equally alien names. Consider the Black Mantis, Circumstellar, and Cyber Limbo your one-way-tickets to the front page of a street style blog.


Made in the coastal Fukui Perfecture in Japan, Masahiromaruyama frames take handmade craftsmanship to a higher level. Each one is individually shaped by hand, giving it nuanced imperfections unique to your own pair.

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