When you hit 40 it's worth rethinking your beauty regime and giving yourself an excuse to invest in products. For the next ten years your beauty ethos should be about 'skinsurance' by way of creams, tinctures and treatments, and clever cosmetic art for the very best version of yourself. Without further a do we give you the 13 rules to getting beauty in your forties spot on.


Plump up the volume


The bad news is that your skin-plumping collagen levels just shot down again. In fact they have been decreasing steadily from the age of 25, going down by one per cent each year in during your 30s and then quite rapidly from the time we hit 40. As a result, it's time to start looking out for products which boost both the cushion-giving collagen in your skin, and the elastin which keeps it springy - ergo you want peptides and a dollop of magic ingredient matrixyl (recently proved by scientists to increase collagen).




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Blur the make-up and skincare lines


“Let’s be realistic, no product can reverse the signs of ageing but there are products that can help visibly improve its appearance. BB creams are brilliant as they often blend anti-ageing ingredients, vitamins and SPF to give lightweight coverage and even out mottled skin tone and texture with a natural finish," says Caroline Frazer, Simple’s Skincare & Product Expert.


Brighten Up


“Skin brighteners are great for perking up a tired-looking complexion in an instant. I like to tap the radiance cream along the top of cheekbones, cupids bow (this is the soft curve above the lip) and just under the lip," says Fraser.


Forget the frosted fancies


"Frosted lipstick can be incredibly ageing. Instead go for pigmented lipsticks with a rich colour to give a contemporary and fresh look," advises Lancome make-up artist Shehla Shaikh. Celebrity make-up artist Ruby Hammer also adds that you can create fuller looking lips using a liner in a shade that matches your natural lip colour. "Dior do great ones," she says.


Massage to sculpt


"During this time, your skin produces less sebum and your lymphatic system starts to slow down. You might notice puffiness around your cheeks and eyes," says Frazer. “I’m a big fan of massage. When cleansing, gently move your fingertips in circular motions to get the blood pumping but also to help really cleanse deep down. Again, use your fingers when applying your moisturiser to help move your lymphatic fluid around and really work that product into the skin as it’s important to keep skin fully hydrated.”


Mask It


The fastest growing category in skincare right now, the British beauty consumer isn't wrong in thinking that these power packs masks are doing wonders for our skin.


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