One of the best things about the changing of seasons are the smells that come with it; think smoky fires, evergreen trees and spiced lattes. But finding the right perfume to transition into autumn can be tricky at times - especially if new reports suggesting that nearly one in five Brits are stuck in a fragrance rut, are to be believed.


According to Heathrow's Fragrance report (2016), the average Brit is said to dabble with just ten different perfumes over their lifetime, but will only settle with two to three “go-to” fragrances at any one time.


Luckily, some of the biggest fashion houses are launching new fragrances shortly. From Dior’s much anticipated Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming to Chanel’s new take on of N°5 and not forgetting the new Tom Ford Les Extraits Vert Collection, there's something for everyone.


So whether you're after a fresher autumn scent or a darker, woody perfume, here's our pick of the best new scents:


The best his and hers fragrance


The Madrid-based fashion house Loewe has just launched it's first fragrance under the direction of Jonathon Anderson, who's been creative director since 2014. The scent for Loewe 001 is inspired by the concept of the morning after the first intimate encounter between a couple. It's a very beautiful and wearable fragrance which comes in two different versions - one for men and one for women. Both perfumes have the same top and core note, a tangerine and bergamot open and a heart of sandalwood, whilst the women's version has hints of jasmine and vanilla, and the man's version has undertones of musk and cedar.


The best unisex fragrance(s)


The trend for androgynous fragrances continues to be a popular category for autumn, with over one in ten Brits saying they are interested in gender neutral fragrances or prefer wearing a fragrance that is meant for the opposite sex. Tom Ford's latest Private Blend line, Les Extraits Vert, is a four piece unisex eau de parfum collection. The collection falls into two different categories, with two of the scents being rich and woody (try Vert de Bois or Vert d'Encens), whilst the other two are better suited for someone who wants a lighter, floral scent (try Vert de Fleur or Vert Boheme).


Byredo's latest fragrance is also aimed at both men and women. This nameless fragrance (yes, it actually doesn't have a name) is a blend of warm pink pepper and cool gin accords, with a heart of orris stem and lush violets, and a base of tree mosses and evergreen trees. With personalisation being a hot trend at the moment, the bottle comes with a sheet of transferable letters that you rub on to the bottle to create, well, anything that your imagination allows really. "This is our way of celebrating the notion and uniqueness of smell and an opportunity to thank our partners, retailers and staff as well as the loyal customers who have supported and grown BYREDO to what it is today" says founder Ben Gorham.


The best woody amber fragrance


Fragrances with strong woody and amber notes are known for being long lasting, sexy and sensual, and make great perfumes for autumn. This season there has been a real resurgence in trends for musky, woody fragrances for women with launches such as Charlotte Tilbury's debut fragrance, Scent of a Dream. The Ibiza born make-up sensation's fragrance is derived from her own blend of scented oils from hippie markets that she's been using for over 30 years.


The best evening fragrance


Estee Lauder Modern Muse Nuit is a nocturnal, sensual and lavish interpretation of the original Modern Muse. The fragrance is inspired by the darkness of a midnight sky and has a floral woody oriental scent to it which blends sophisticated floral notes with a woody scent for a luxurious finish.


The best citrus fragrance


If you like the smell of zesty, tangy and juicy lemons, then you will love Jo Malone's Basil & Neroli Cologne, a fresh and fun fragrance with a delicious wink of basil. Since the launch of Jo Malone's Lime Basil & Mandarin in the late 90's, it's the first time that a fragrance from the collection contains basil as it's main ingredient.


The best floral fragrance


Probably one of the most popular fragrance categories, floral perfumes work well all year long. Sarah Burton launched Alexander McQueen's first fragrance under her creative leadership back in spring this year and this autumn a much lighter and powdery take on from the original is available. It's the perfect fragrance for someone looking for something floral without the overly sweet touch.


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