Optimistic - the best shades to keep you feeling positive

What we wear can affect our mood. Colour psychologist ANGELA WRIGHT tells you the best shade to keep you feeling positive.

At this time of year, it seems that half the population has disappeared on holiday and it’s tempting for those of us still going to work every day to feel a touch of pessimism: here you are, feeling like Cinderella (‘I am stuck here doing all the work - while they are off having a wonderful time’).

Of course, it is not entirely rational - but your own holiday seems a long way off, whether it was back in May or June, or won’t be happening for several weeks yet. Your spirits need a lift.

Look on the bright side - there are lots of positives about the height of summer.

You can get around town more comfortably, in the absence of bosses work pressures have eased and the atmosphere is noticeably more laidback than usual.

The best colour to keep you sparkling is yellow.

It’s one of the four psychological primary colours and it acts directly on our emotions - activating the ego, self-confidence and creativity.

Of course, I am not necessarily advocating that you dress in it from head to toe - it is just as effective to feature it in a scarf, a shirt or, indeed, any accessory.

You could even push the boat out and put a bunch of gorgeous yellow roses on your desk!

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