What can you wear at the weekend if you hate jeans?

What to wear at the weekend? The only answer to this question, EVER, seems to be jeans. Just throw ’em on and you’re ‘good-to-go’ (American accent)… Or not. What if you and your jeans are not currently on speaking terms? What if your jeans have been making you look bad in front of other people? What if you’re just not comfortable around jeans right now? I’m asking, you understand, for a friend.

Life is too short to be doing things that make you feel bad, especially at the weekend. Maybe you and your jeans need a little time out from each other. In which case, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Or comfortable trousers in the shops. Like an old pal from school, chinos are making a comeback for next season. They’ve changed, you’ve changed – hey, let’s be mature about this and remember the good times.

Or how about track pants? Maybe they’re not the spotty youth of your preconceptions. Maybe track pants can give you a bit of what you need right now: a soupçon of cool, an elasticated waistband, go-faster stripes. The trackie’s sister, the jogger bottom, is a reliable, friendly sort too. Upgrade to snazzier fabrics, like Gap’s in blue velvet. You can wear them with flats, block heels or heel heels. Adaptable, see? Just what you want in a pal.

And talking of which, why not? Silky PJ bottoms maybe don’t have the warmth of denim, but they do have the nonchalant luxe of the coolest girl in class. No harm hanging with her for a while.