Yasmin Le Bon shares her looking-good secrets

Yasmin Le Bon shares her looking-good secrets

I used to love watching my mother at her dressing table: she had a drawer of perfectly organised make-up and was meticulous about cleansing and moisturising. She had the most wonderfully soft skin and smelt amazing. I wanted to be cheek to cheek with her all the time.

I got my first Saturday job aged 13 in a boutique. I discovered then how lovely it felt to cleanse at the end of a long day, to take that moment that’s all about you. How I feel is the key to everything. Energy and joint pain have been issues for me, as was sleep. I realised I may have been pushing myself too hard, so now I try to do one small thing every day that is just for my happiness. That sets me on the right path.

I also love walking. To begin with the mind is racing, but within minutes you start to notice your surroundings and be in the moment. What you put into your body really impacts on how you look. Lumity is a fantastic food supplement that keeps my skin radiant and balances my entire system. But laughter is my beauty elixir: it is a joy shared and nothing is more beautiful than that.

My family is bonkers – we laugh a lot at each other. I love changing my look: bleaching my hair, cutting it into a mullet and dying my eyebrows nude… My daughter Amber wouldn’t talk to me when I did that, but I don’t regret it.

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