If you struggle to apply fake eyelashes or are left despairing that they never look quite natural enough, help is at hand.


Make-up professionals have now dropped a beauty bombshell that will change the way people apply their falsies forever.


According to the experts, the faux hairs should be applied under the lash line rather than over it.


Cosmopolitan reported on the make-up hack after over-hearing it backstage during a photoshoot.


The glossy magazine's reporter discovered that cosmetics pros apply glue to the lash strip before placing it underneath the eyelashes as it creates a much more natural look.


It is apparently a more comfortable way of boosting the lash line too.


The method is being hailed as a seamless application that barely feels like you're wearing anything at all on your eyes.


The magazine's reporter Carly Cardellino put it to the test and to her surprise it worked.


She wrote: "I couldn't even feel them under my lashes. They felt super-light, and then stayed on all night."


For those who need a step-by-step guide to this beauty procedure, YouTube Leigh Dickson has posted a video showing exactly what to do.


The US-based beauty blogger Leigh Dickson, who vlogs as Leigh Dickson Artistry shows how she begins by curling her eyelashes.


Then she gives them a once-over with mascara before getting ready to apply the lashes straight out of the packet.


She brushes the glue on to the upper edge of the clear plastic band holding the lashes together.


Then Leigh shows how gently nudge the lashes into place with a pair of tweezers in to position just below the lash line.


A delicate operation, she shows how to push the falsies into place from the outside up using both her tweezers and her finger.


The key, she says, is not to blink and if at any point you feel pain or your eyes are watering to stop.


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