Why an Instagram Account Dedicated to The Nanny Is Going to Change Your Life This Weekend

The Nanny may have run from 1993 to 1999, but its legacy will be with us for a lifetime. The show gave us one of the all-time great television theme songs, a classic will they/won’t they relationship between Mr. Sheffield (played by Charles Shaughnessy) and Nanny Fine (Fran Drescher) and, of course, some of the most memorable fashion ever seen on network TV. But that fashion didn’t get its true due until one woman, Shanae Brown, started up the Instagram account “What Fran Wore,” which is both fascinating (and amazingly accurate, considering the show ended nearly 20 years ago) and deeply hilarious.

Do yourself a favor and go follow it now – you might be shocked to find out how many of Fran’s out-there outfits were actually super-high fashion, from Moschino to Dolce & Gabbana to Versace. Then check out our Q&A with Brown to shed some light on how exactly she comes up with those spot-on fashion IDs and incredibly memorable style flashbacks.

Have you ever made an account or had a hobby like this before?

No, never! I’m amused that I actually run this Instagram account. I’ve always been amazed by people who ran fan accounts, but I never thought it was something I would do.

What inspired you to start “collecting” Fran Fine outfits?

Almost two years ago I decided to binge watch The Nanny because growing up I had only seen the show in passing and I realized I’ve never seen all the episodes. While watching I started noticing how amazing her outfits were and that was never something that held my attention as a child.

What level of Nanny fandom would you say you were at before? And now?

I’d say I was super basic and now I’m pretty deep into it. I do have to admit that I only just watched the series finale a week ago. My logic was, if I didn’t watch the finale, that means the series didn’t actually end.

What’s your all-time favorite episode?

My all-time favorite episode is season 3 episode 18, “Val’s Boyfriend.” That episode not only has some of my favorite outfits ever, but it also has the scene where Fran eats wasabi and it clears up her nasal passage for a few seconds, revealing a deeper, sexier voice. It gives me life!

Were you surprised to see that there was a lack of resources on the internet about this?

Yes, absolutely! There were a few blogs and articles that spoke about Fran’s outfits, and a few posted about some pretty iconic Moschino pieces that she wore, but that was as far as it went. I realized no one else had tracked down her other outfits and I figured I should at least try.

What makes yours the definitive account?

I went the extra mile and not only IDed Fran’s Moschino outfits, but I also post a variety of designers that Fran has worn that no one else had posted about.

Where do you primarily go for your screen grabs?

I get my screen grabs from the DVDs.

And where do you primarily go for your research?

I always start my search in the most basic way, and that’s a simple Google search. Usually Google leads me to other places.

Have you heard from anyone associated with the show?

Brenda Cooper who was the costume designer on the show has reached out to me, and Peter Marc Jacobson the co-creator of the show follows the account and occasionally leaves comments.

Can you pick a favorite outfit? Is it the same as the one you’d want to wear, if you could wear any?

My favorite outfit is Fran’s pink skirt suit with blue sequins from Rifat Ozbek. If I could actually pull off any Fran outfit, it would be her red turtleneck with the Moschino checkered skirt.

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